• Brand New Xbox One S Skins!

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    As of August 2nd, the brand new Xbox One S has been officially released, amazing people around the world with its breakthrough 4K gaming and included HD Blu-ray Player. After checking out its slim and sleek new design, we decided that the only possible way to make it any cooler would be to create custom skins for it, so that’s exactly what we did. Available in 13 eye-popping colors, these skins enhance the futuristic look of the next-gen console and add a bit of flair to your gaming. So don’t wait, order yours today and get ready to game in style!

    Xbox One S Skin

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  • PS4 & Xbox One Controller Skins Now Shipping!

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    Playstation 4 or Xbox One? It's the flame war of our time! Which has the best game play, the best user experience? Each gamer must decide for themselves!

    As for us here at iCarbons HQ, we're pretty much into both. Back in November, we were stoked to acquire both consoles, create skins to customize them, and of course spend countless hours testing both out to the Nth degree. It's a tough job, but we'll totally do it!

    Our solid and two tone PS4 skins & Xbox One skins have been a huge hit, and we've been loving all the customer feedback. With this has come a flood of requests for accessory and controller skins to match. So guess what!? *drumroll*

    We are thrilled to announce the release of protective decals for both, now available and shipping for your customization pleasure! Check out some pictures below to see them in action.

    Xbox One Kinect and controller skins

    PS4 Camera and controller skins

    For the ultimate ease of ordering, we are offering both individual and accessory combo packs for both consoles, so you can customize however you'd like! Ready to get started? Click below to buy now!




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