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       iCarbons.com was contacted sometime in October of last year with the statement - "Get the PlayStation® Vita one week before the official release date with this first edition bundle. Includes PS Vita (Wi-Fi® and 3G), 4GB memory card, limited edition case and Little Deviants game." - Well that's all we needed to hear!

       Four months later we were the first in line at GameStop, no wait time. Just walked in, showed our receipt (while mentioning our iCarbons Dark Wood Skin on the PS3 behind the desk) handed out a few business cards to some excited gamers, and headed back to iCarbons Inc.

        During the templating process, we made a few adjustments and tests to ensure the rear multi-touch pad would work perfectly through the iCarbons skin covering it. To our excitement, it worked flawlessly without any issues or hiccups.

    Then came the Big question, who wants to test this out for a while to make sure it feels natural and comfortable?

    Obviously this would take some time . . .  

    "Sure thing Boss, I don't mind playing Uncharted Golden Abyss & Little Deviants for an hour to test it out! Its a job and someone has to do it." 


    Of course we had to have a little fun with it. Needed to check out the:

    • Advanced cutting edge Game-play

    • Amazing Graphics on this Handheld Beast

    • Impressive touch sensitivity equal to the Apple iPhone 4S

    • And how beautiful it looks & feels with an iCarbons Skin perfectly designed for it

    After the final version was created & thoroughly tested, it was time for a photo-shoot & then added to our website. As you can see, iCarbons looks AMAZING on this device, and as a side benefit, the texture of the skin keeps the Vita from getting smudges on the back and makes it easier to glide our fingers on the rear multi-touch pad. 

    Click here to see it in action!


                                                                                    The Final Product Looks STUNNING!


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