• Galaxy S8 And S8+ Skins Have Arrived!

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    The new Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ seem to be filled to the brim with exciting new features including a stellar new camera, iris scanning security, a remarkably intelligent personal assistant, and of course the iconic Infinity Display that has all but removed the bezel. The phones were released on April 21st and caused techies everywhere to get hyped. Since we here at iCarbons are also self-proclaimed tech lovers, we're thrilled to announce that we have created skins in all of our signature styles for both new phones! Since the current color options for the Galaxy phones are very simple, adding a scratch-resistant iCarbons skin would be the perfect enhancement that doesn't compromise its sleek design or immersive screen. So what are you waiting for? Order yours today and customize the phone that changed the game forever.

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  • Samsung Galaxy S5 Skins Now Shipping

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    Samsung is really showing what they have with the all new Galaxy S5. With a 2.5GHz Quad core processor this thing is ready to do some work. All that power isn't just sitting there though, it is helping to drive one awesome display. Boy does it look good, and by good I mean crystal clear detail. With a 5.1” FHD Super AMOLED display, packing in a full (1920 x 1080) at 432 ppi, you have to see it to truly understand. With a screen that looks that awesome, you are going to want to make the rest of the phone look just as good. iCarbons has you covered with Premium Galaxy S5 Skins for scratch protection in carbon fiber, brushed metal, and wood grain to suit your style while keeping your S5 looking like new. Check out the product page for more product photos, as well as install videos.


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  • Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Skin Release

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    2 years ago samsung decided that the mobile device market just didn't seem to have enough categories in it, and decided to release the Galaxy Note "Phablet". The innovation hasn't stopped there, with the release of the Note 2 and now the all new Galaxy Note 3! With a 5.7" FULL HD screen the new Galaxy Note 3 comes in a fairly sizable container. That being said, this thing is a workhorse with a 2.3 GHz Quad-Core Processor 3GB of RAM and a 13 Mega-pixel BSI Sensor Rear facing camera, it can handle just about whatever you give it. This is truly a mobile workstation allowing annotations and precise control with the stylus that adds a level of user input that you just can't get from most any other device. All these features are awesome and really help people in the high end tech force be able to achieve more on the go than ever before. Most people in this type of work don't really need a huge bulky tank of a case to keep them from smashing it to bits, and thats where iCarbons comes in. Our Skins offer a great level of protection without adding a lot of bulk to your device. 
    Note 3 Black Carbon
    With finishes like carbon fiber, brushed metals and fine wood grains, you can achieve a high end look and truly express your style while protecting your new connection to the world. We have taken time to perfect our template down to the thousandth of an inch to make sure we have the highest quality product we can produce. Check out the product pages for photos of the installed skins and make sure to pick up yours today!

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