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        iCarbons Template Artist is here today working on a few things that a lot of customers have been asking for. The morning began with a cup of iced coffee from Cafe Chocolat here in Titusville, Florida.

        Work started promptly at 9am with the unboxing of the DROID Razr. Getting a detailed rendering of this device takes some time, figuring out what should be covered and what should still be visible. Finding all the sensors, tweaking the edges so that our fingers don't accidentally pull up the skin. Everything is taken into consideration.


        Testing the new iCarbons skin on the device, making some more tweaks and adjustments. By the end of the day, we have a finished product. Now the RAZR gets several wardrobe changes in a high quality photo-shoot, so that we are able to share the new design with the world. ENJOY!

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