• iPhone 6 Skins - Preorder Today!

    3 comments / Posted by Rosa Green

    Now that Apple has released their new and improved iPhones, and we’ve all preordered our favorite models, what comes next? Well, protecting your investment of course. 

    Since Apple’s big reveal, we have had an overwhelming demand for the ability to pre-order iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus skins, and we’re happy to offer that starting right now! Here at iCarbons HQ, we are definitely perfectionists when it comes to how we make our products. That’s why you will see the expected coverage as shown in our artist’s renderings may be subject to change once we have these gorgeous new iPhones in our hands. Our goal is to provide as much coverage as possible, while maintaining ease of install and planning for long term durability as well. Once we have the iPhones on hand to customize a precision fit, we will take every measure to ensure these gorgeous devices are iCarbonized beautifully!

    So why pre-order your skin instead of waiting? All iPhone 6 skin orders will be shipped in the order received, so the sooner you get your order in the better! As of right now we anticipate shipping all pre-ordered skins on September 23, but we will certainly send them sooner if we can, and of course update everyone via social media every step of the way.

    Thank you in advance for choosing iCarbons! Check out our iPhone 6 and 6 Plus skins lineup with the button below.

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  • Solo 2 & Studio 2 skins are here!

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    You’ve been requesting them, and here they are: Beats by Dre Solo 2 skins and Studio 2.0 skins. Just released, the Solo 2 reviews are promising, with new and improved sound and a beautiful new design that looks even more awesome paired with an iCarbons Skin! We couldn’t resist taking some uber artsy shots of these babies:


    To add to our existing Beats by dre skins lineup, it was only right to include the Studio 2.0 model, released in fall 2013. The Studio 2.0 is an impressive step up from the 1st Gen Studio, with a lighter (yet sturdier) design and a better sound. Again, adding iCarbons only makes them more awesome. Here’s some of our fav colors on the Studio 2.0

    We’d love to hear which you like best & your requests for what we should iCarbonize next!




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  • PS4 & Xbox One Controller Skins Now Shipping!

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    Playstation 4 or Xbox One? It's the flame war of our time! Which has the best game play, the best user experience? Each gamer must decide for themselves!

    As for us here at iCarbons HQ, we're pretty much into both. Back in November, we were stoked to acquire both consoles, create skins to customize them, and of course spend countless hours testing both out to the Nth degree. It's a tough job, but we'll totally do it!

    Our solid and two tone PS4 skins & Xbox One skins have been a huge hit, and we've been loving all the customer feedback. With this has come a flood of requests for accessory and controller skins to match. So guess what!? *drumroll*

    We are thrilled to announce the release of protective decals for both, now available and shipping for your customization pleasure! Check out some pictures below to see them in action.

    Xbox One Kinect and controller skins

    PS4 Camera and controller skins

    For the ultimate ease of ordering, we are offering both individual and accessory combo packs for both consoles, so you can customize however you'd like! Ready to get started? Click below to buy now!




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  • WWJC 2012 Sponsors

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        The United States first jailbreak convention will be on September 29th, 2012 at the South San Francisco Conference Center in California. The people behind JailbreakCon, (last years MyGreatFest 2011) have also announced the convention’s speaker lineup.

    • Jay Freeman - the creator of Cydia, (often referred to as the ‘Godfather’ of jailbreaking and most commonly known by his online moniker of saurik. Mr. Freeman finished off "MyGreatFest" with his excellent presentation in London last year and is welcomed back for JailbreakCon.)
    • Also Ryan Petrich known for jailbreak tweaks like Display Recorder, Action Menu, Activator, and more.  
    • The Chronic Dev Team will be back to talk about creating jailbreaks and the success of their releases for the iPhone 4S and iPad 2.
    • Aaron Ash, Jay Walker, and the list continues. 
    • Click Here for specifics. As the date approaches we can only guess that more speakers will be added.


    How is iCarbons.com involved?

        Well, In May of 2011 iCarbons was contacted by Craig Fox (founder of WWJC / MyGreatFest) and jailbreak enthusiast Reza L Malayeri (founder of GeeksRiot geeky apparel) about sponsoring last years event which turned out to be a great success. Since then iCarbons Inc. has become a big fan of the jailbreak community & is eagerly anticipating this years event, along with other tech involved companies that have embraced WWJC2012 as Sponsors. We will be there, so come meet us!


    In fact because of the jailbreak community and this convention, iCarbons decided to create a Limited Edition iCarbons Skin for customers & businesses that want to show their support and help promote this exclusive World Wide Event for 2012 . . . 


         As the days get closer, we will continue to update this article with information below about the Event and possibly do some giveaways for this Limited Edition WWJC2012 iCarbons Skin.


    If you would like more information on JailbreakCon we would suggest visiting their Official Website by clicking Here, or checking out their Twitter @JailbreakCon

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  • The New iPad

    2 comments / Posted by Josh DiRisio

    I know all of us were expecting this things to shoot lasers and make us breakfast, but that's why they were rumors! The new iPad was announced today and all those rumors were put to rest. So now its onto the reality of the release.

    Even though the new iPad doesn't shoot lasers, it sure feels like its capable. With the new A5X quad core processor it screams through rendering even the most complex games we have ever seen hit the iOS gaming market.

    Another MAJOR change is the screen. Don't know what I'm talking about look closer! Yes, look closer than you ever have been able to on the new iPad with its 2048x1536 display, it packs more pixels than the 27" iMac I'm writing this article on. Also with the new 5MP camera, you can take full 1080p video at 30fps straight from your iPad.

    So what does this mean for all of you when it comes to the protection of your new iPad.
    Due to the changes in the camera size and the possible change in the amount the iPad tapers, we will custom template and verify everything about the new skin prior to shipment. ORDER YOURS TODAY!

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