• WWJC 2012 Sponsors

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        The United States first jailbreak convention will be on September 29th, 2012 at the South San Francisco Conference Center in California. The people behind JailbreakCon, (last years MyGreatFest 2011) have also announced the convention’s speaker lineup.

    • Jay Freeman - the creator of Cydia, (often referred to as the ‘Godfather’ of jailbreaking and most commonly known by his online moniker of saurik. Mr. Freeman finished off "MyGreatFest" with his excellent presentation in London last year and is welcomed back for JailbreakCon.)
    • Also Ryan Petrich known for jailbreak tweaks like Display Recorder, Action Menu, Activator, and more.  
    • The Chronic Dev Team will be back to talk about creating jailbreaks and the success of their releases for the iPhone 4S and iPad 2.
    • Aaron Ash, Jay Walker, and the list continues. 
    • Click Here for specifics. As the date approaches we can only guess that more speakers will be added.


    How is iCarbons.com involved?

        Well, In May of 2011 iCarbons was contacted by Craig Fox (founder of WWJC / MyGreatFest) and jailbreak enthusiast Reza L Malayeri (founder of GeeksRiot geeky apparel) about sponsoring last years event which turned out to be a great success. Since then iCarbons Inc. has become a big fan of the jailbreak community & is eagerly anticipating this years event, along with other tech involved companies that have embraced WWJC2012 as Sponsors. We will be there, so come meet us!


    In fact because of the jailbreak community and this convention, iCarbons decided to create a Limited Edition iCarbons Skin for customers & businesses that want to show their support and help promote this exclusive World Wide Event for 2012 . . . 


         As the days get closer, we will continue to update this article with information below about the Event and possibly do some giveaways for this Limited Edition WWJC2012 iCarbons Skin.


    If you would like more information on JailbreakCon we would suggest visiting their Official Website by clicking Here, or checking out their Twitter @JailbreakCon

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     Custom iCarbons Design Macbook Pro 15"

      For all the iCarbons fans out there, check this out. 

    One of a kind Design for an employee here at iCarbons Inc.

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