• Meet our new Surface Pro 3 Skins!

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    by @iCarbonsRosa


    Microsoft has finally done it. The Surface Pro 3 is everything that fans have been waiting for, and everything that the original Surface RT should have been. With a beautiful larger display, higher resolution, and better features all around, the Pro 3 is miles ahead of the 2nd gen model. A tablet that can also function beautifully as a laptop, its exactly what many users have been waiting for.

    So what can be done to protect your investment, all the while showing off the bold design of this amazing hybrid tablet? Certainly not a case! With our new Surface Pro 3 skins, you can guard your sexy new device from scratches and customize it your way. With 13 colors to choose from in various finishes, there is something for everyone. Leave us a comment and let us know your favorite!


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