• Solo 2 & Studio 2 skins are here!

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    You’ve been requesting them, and here they are: Beats by Dre Solo 2 skins and Studio 2.0 skins. Just released, the Solo 2 reviews are promising, with new and improved sound and a beautiful new design that looks even more awesome paired with an iCarbons Skin! We couldn’t resist taking some uber artsy shots of these babies:


    To add to our existing Beats by dre skins lineup, it was only right to include the Studio 2.0 model, released in fall 2013. The Studio 2.0 is an impressive step up from the 1st Gen Studio, with a lighter (yet sturdier) design and a better sound. Again, adding iCarbons only makes them more awesome. Here’s some of our fav colors on the Studio 2.0

    We’d love to hear which you like best & your requests for what we should iCarbonize next!




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