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The future of gaming is here, and it looks cooler than we could've ever imagined. Our iCarbons staff was not only able to play some games on the Playstation Slim as we worked to design skins for it, but also got an opportunity to test out the newly-released Playstation Virtual Reality Headset. The gaming was amazing, especially for such a new technology. The graphics look fantastic, and although it does depend on which game you play with it, for the most part, you will be completely engrossed in the experience. A few of the faster-paced games can be a bit overwhelming, but that's due to how real everything moving around you feels. 

Overall, gaming with VR is very surreal and takes time to get used to, but we can easily see it becoming a popular tool used for immersive storytelling in games. I found myself constantly forgetting that my hands couldn't just reach out and grab items that seemed to be directly in front of my face. In addition, the long line-up of games that Sony plans to release for the headset makes the device a must-have for elite gamers as well as people that are just looking for a new and exciting way to experience video games. After seeing for ourselves how awesome the VR Headset is, we knew it would be crazy not to create skins that add vivid colors in order to enhance the headset's futuristic design. We've also released Playstation Slim skins so that your cool Playstation gaming set-up can be made up of matching colors, as well as the ability to customize the look to fit your own aesthetic and make your device unique. Order yours today and be sure to leave a comment telling us what you think of the Virtual Reality Headset!


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