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With the Nintendo Switch gaining a release date of March 3rd and an impressive line-up of games to go with it, the excitement of seeing our favorite video game characters in brand new environments is at an all-time high. The newly-added mobility feature will finally allow us to play our console games wherever we want, and since everyone wants to play in style, we here at iCarbons will be releasing our own line-up of colorful skins to decorate your device. That way, whether you're splatting other squids in Splatoon 2, saving Hyrule in The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild, or playing as Mario on the go in Super Mario Odyssey, you can always have the best-looking Switch around. Stay tuned for a preorder option soon and comment below about what new game or feature you're most excited for!


Update: In light of recent testing, we and many other skin companies have discovered that the glue used by stick-on skins is incompatible with the surface of the Nintendo Switch. Sadly, this means that we will have to postpone the release of our new Switch skins in order for our design team to conduct various tests in search of a non-damaging alternative. Rest assured that we will do our very best to find a safe yet stylish cover for the Nintendo Switch and will immediately notify our customers if we do.


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