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  You asked for it, so now we’re introducing a brand new, limited edition vinyl for iCarbons to be made with - Black Leather! This sleek new option is now available for a variety of products. Beyond being extremely aesthetic and awesome, if you choose to pair it with another available color for a two-tone wrap, their contrast and textures will complement each other nicely. And the best part is, no animals were harmed in the making of these wraps, the material is 100% vegan, with the look and feel of real leather texture.

  For now, we’ll only be adding the black leather for a short amount of time, but we may add more materials and color options depending on the reception that we get for this product. So make sure to order yours today, as you can get a limited edition leather skin as well as let us know that you guys are interested in more variety being offered in the not too distant future. 


  What do you think of the new leather texture? What wrap colors would you be interested in seeing sometime in the future? Give us your feedback in the comments! 



  • Posted On July 01, 2016 by Sam R

    This is a good addition! New leather skin looks great!

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