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No matter which iPhone model you own, they are known to be the smartphone with the best combination of intuitive function and beautiful design.  So, naturally, you would want great protection for them, without sacrificing the gorgeous sleek aesthetic.  Choosing the best iPhone accessories can be as tricky as selecting which iPhone model and color you’d like!  Since iPhone X is the latest and greatest model Apple offers, lets focus on that one today. The online shopping scene is full of overwhelming options which can make it hard to decide where to start!  With respect to iPhone protection, the first thing that comes to mind is preventing scratches and damage. After all, you want to maintain a high resale value, and keep your shiny new phone looking as good as new! While there are many iPhone cases available on the market, you may want to try a sleeker, cleaner look that iPhone skins can provide!  iPhone wraps can provide excellent scratch protection and keep your device dust and fingerprint free, and give you a nice textured grip to your iPhone experience.  While many people are used to just using cases instead, iPhone decals and skins are an awesome alternative with many advantages! Plus, you can always put a clear iPhone X Case like this one (link), over top. This gives you the best of both worlds!

 If you are interested in giving skins a try, look for ones made with premium 3M vinyl, which is quite durable and easy to apply. These iPhone X Skins adhere to the surface of your phone and can be removed easily when its time to upgrade, without leaving any residue. The easy application and removal makes these skins so much better than other alternatives.  Also, iPhone skins are much more light weight which give them a strong edge over most phone cases. Why have all that extra bulk? In addition, skins can be very budget friendly compared to overly expensive cases. While you may decide to add a clear slim iPhone case for drop protection, you will most definitely save money and have a sleeker, sexier iPhone by going with a skin!

If you are still not sure about what to choose, check out some of the awesome carbon fiber iPhone skins available! Brushed metal skins and Woodgrain skins are also great choices. There are also many companies that offer custom iPhone skins as well, which means you can design your own iPhone X skin and make a style statement all your own! 

 Phone skins are definitely the preferred option for many Apple fans out there that don’t want to cover up their gorgeous new iPhone.  With these, there is no need to sacrifice style for protection. You can also go for colorful Matte skins that are relatively new in the iPhone accessories market.  These offer a more sophisticated and modern finish to your look, enhancing the beauty of your iPhone while protecting it from scratches, oil, dust and adding a nice grip as well. You can check out our full collection of iPhone skins, cases, and screen protectors that are available for every model to add some serious style and customization to your iPhone!


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