iPad Air Skins Now Shipping! November 05 2013

Apple has done it again. The iPad Air is undeniably an innovative, stunning device that has already been earning rave reviews in the short time since its release. With new incredible lightness and a slimmer feel, iPad Air users can now enjoy the sleekness of the iPad Mini with the benefit of a full size screen. It is truly the best of both worlds!


The question remains: How do I protect this gorgeous new device without bulking it up or hiding its beautiful sleek design? That's where iCarbons comes in. Our team has custom fitted our new iPad Air skins specifically to do just that. Choose from 13 unique options, ranging from minimalistic brushed metals (including an all new new GOLD skin), to rich grained woods, vivid bold carbon colors, and of course, our original black and white carbon fiber skins always compliment Apple devices brilliantly!

Check out the options here, and make sure to let us know which is your favorite!