iPhone 5c and 5s Skins - NOW Available for Pre-Order! September 13 2013

By @iCarbonsRosa on September 12,

Almost immediately after the new iPhone lineup was announced, requests to pre-order skins for the new devices started pouring in to iCarbons HQ. We get it guys! When we get a shiny new Apple product in our own hands, we admire its awesome beauty, and then immediately feel that need to protect it with a sweet new iCarbons Skin. Not only does it preserve your resale value (iPhone 6 will be here before you know it!) but its also fun to customize your own color combination and really make your iPhone stand out from the crowd. So, when can you get your hands on the new iPhone 5c and 5s skins?

Although we would love nothing more than to have them to your doorstep on iPhone launch day, our crazy perfectionism and attention to detail requires that we have the new iPhones in hand to custom fit the new skin designs. We'll be working hard to make this happen over the few days following the September 20th release, with an expected shipping date of September 25th. Why preorder??? All pre-orders placed prior to the official skin release date will be shipped before orders placed after. Beat the rush and get your hands on your new iCarbons ASAP! In addition, we are pleased to announce all pre-ordered iPhone 5c & 5s skins will receive 20% off with code EARLYBIRD at checkout. This code will expire when pre-orders are done, so don't miss out!

So, what else is new for the iPhone skins? We are excited to announce a new Limited Edition iCarbons material: Brushed Gold! This new material has the same richly textured feel that our Aluminum and Titanium skins offer, but in a richly deep new gold-toned skin. A bit darker than the gold used on the iPhone 5s casing, we feel the shade looks amazing with it and adds an ultra modern look, especially when paired with our white carbon fiber.  We've also released a special edition Gold/White kit for the iPhones 5, so that you guys who aren't upgrading your phone quite yet can get in on the action.

Now, on to the big decisions: What to order??? Let us know what you choose in the comments!

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