WWJC 2013 June 20 2013

Custom iCarbons Skins for the Event!

By Guest Blogger Matthew Patterson of iJailbreakthis on 

If you are part of the jailbreak scene then you're probably aware that we're getting close to the largest event on the jailbreak calendar, WWJC (Worldwide Jailbreak Convention). This event was re-branded in 2012, formally known as MyGreatFest in 2011. This year, WWJC will be held in New York City on the 23rd & 24th of August and is set to be another fantastic event. You can find more information about the speakers and workshops right here. With the global event quickly creeping up, iCarbons and JailbreakCon have yet again teamed up to release a new custom iCarbons skin specifically for the WWJC event. Last years skin was great, but this year the team decided to go beyond the spectrum and make something unique and very special.

Last year's skin was a complete inlayed design with a contrasting insert. This year iCarbons and WWJC have gone the extra mile and designed something quite remarkable. Using @KrisNapDesigns awesome design for the WWJC logo the NYC skyline is incorporated right in with the lettering. Kris has taken pride in the logo design and has paid great attention to detail.

The detail of the logo is amazing! Wanting to reflect its uniqueness and the effort it took to create it, this time around iCarbons got innovative and used Micro Etching to create this beautiful skin on the Brushed Aluminium and Brushed Titanium. The options are available so customers can "build their own" combination for the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and the iPhone 5 and choose the accent colors of their choice. It takes significantly longer to produce the WWJC skin in comparison to the normal iCarbons skins, due to the detail of the logo and using this special micro etching process to achieve this design.

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WWJC Custom Skin