Apple TV Adds Hulu Plus! July 31 2012


Good news for Hulu Plus fans who also happen to have an Apple TV in their homes: The subscription VOD service is now available as an app on the streaming device. But wait — why is Hulu Plus coming to Apple TV now, years after it first began rolling out on other connected devices? Well, there are a few likely reasons.

For one, the new Hulu Plus app lets users sign up for the service using Apple’s own in-app purchasing and subscription renewal. Hulu follows Netflix, which also recently added subscription directly through the streaming box. Previously, both had eschewed such purchasing options, in part because, as payment processor Apple TV took a cut of the $7.99 subscription. But also because, with users signing up directly through Apple TV (or any Apple device, really), Apple owns the customer and billing information, something that those companies don’t want to lose control over.

But as Apple Tv's device footprint grows, and as rumors around the launch of an actual TV continue to persist, it’s become increasingly important for content owners to target the device. And so, as one of the few major paid services to not yet be on Apple TV, Hulu saw an important new distribution outlet that it had to reach.

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