The New iPad March 07 2012

I know all of us were expecting this things to shoot lasers and make us breakfast, but that's why they were rumors! The new iPad was announced today and all those rumors were put to rest. So now its onto the reality of the release.

Even though the new iPad doesn't shoot lasers, it sure feels like its capable. With the new A5X quad core processor it screams through rendering even the most complex games we have ever seen hit the iOS gaming market.

Another MAJOR change is the screen. Don't know what I'm talking about look closer! Yes, look closer than you ever have been able to on the new iPad with its 2048x1536 display, it packs more pixels than the 27" iMac I'm writing this article on. Also with the new 5MP camera, you can take full 1080p video at 30fps straight from your iPad.

So what does this mean for all of you when it comes to the protection of your new iPad.
Due to the changes in the camera size and the possible change in the amount the iPad tapers, we will custom template and verify everything about the new skin prior to shipment. ORDER YOURS TODAY!