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The wait is over for customers wanting a lower priced, yet still awesomely capable, Surface tablet of their own. The Surface 3 was just recently released, with tons of great features similar to the higher end Surface Pro 3, but a more affordable price tag of $499. With full Windows 8 capability, this new offering from Microsoft has improved leaps and bounds from the original Surface and Surface 2. With its ultra thin design and streamlined look, what better way to protect and customize your investment than with our brand new Surface 3 skins?

We’ve designed our new line of Surface 3 wraps in 13 colors and finishes, so you can choose whatever option fits your sense of style best. We especially love our original iCarbons black on the new Surface, check it out: 

So how about you? Are you getting a Surface 3, and if so, what color iCarbons will you be rocking? Let us know in the comments!





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