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Anime Style iPhone 4 - Dark & Light Wood iCarbons


*Most of these Custom items are done in our Florida location with an add-on price and installation fee. We do not sell or ship these from our website.


  • Posted On March 30, 2012 by mayukie

    this ismy dream! damn cp!!! wahahaha

  • Posted On October 24, 2011 by gerald

    is this icarbon skin available? im really interested..

  • Posted On October 22, 2011 by thenarutoblader

    can u make a Ipod touch Naruto skin and Put Naruto on IT :) AND THAT ONE IS COOL

  • Posted On October 10, 2011 by bc

    i think that was the best:icarbons skin ever and i think icarbons have the best skins ever u guy are coll

  • Posted On July 22, 2011 by rodolfo

    that thing is cool man.I wonder how you can buy it

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