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 A Hunter S. Thompson inspired Macbook custom made for a gonzo photojournalist.



  • Posted On June 19, 2011 by Krystal

    What a joy to find such clear tihnknig. Thanks for posting!

  • Posted On March 16, 2011 by Shawn

    Yeah I was thinking about the same thing, i was actually going to call the company and recommend that idea about a week ago, but it was past 6:00 and I forgot

  • Posted On March 15, 2011 by Dylan Roberts

    I really like the idea of this custom cut out, have you considered a personalised cut out option? say + 10$‘s?(5£’s) for your own cut out.

    As for Hunter S. Thompson Themed Cover i don’t personally know the logo it kinda looks like a clenched fist with a hole in the palm. :D

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